Closer 2 'IPR Info Tree'

Everyone who deals with science, innovation & industry must know about IP Rights and its procedures, be it a researcher, an artist or a businessman. But we realized this is not happening!

Therefore closer2patents came up with its simple & customized solution, - The IPR Info Tree.

The IPR Info Tree comprises customized workshops, where we shall sit with our clients and step by step grow the tree of knowledge, right from the grass root level up to the stage where the knowledge would fetch fruits.

The Workshops will cover the following aspects in detail:
  • Introduction to IPR
  • Need of IPR
  • Handling searches & databases
  • Procedure to file & prosecute a patent/ trademark/ design/ copyright
  • Managing IPR
  • IPR Strategy
  • Exhaustive Q&A session
After attending the workshop, the client will be aware of the various aspects of IPR and can enable In-House IPR activities along with strategic decisions.

We suggest you grow the IPR Info Tree,
and dealing with IPR will be hassle free.