IPR Detectives
IPR Detectives

IPR Protection is like handling a mystery case from start to end. Only a step by step method with the right sources and questions will get you closer to the result. It is a science (logic) and an art (creativity) which if not done properly, will ruin your commerce.

The detectives are a team of experienced and dynamic experts, who will use exhaustive and turn-key methods to support you:

Novelty / Patentability Study

By ensuring the absence of literature that could destroy the novelty and non-obviousness of an invention

Trademark Similarity Search

By identifying any existing trademark, same or phonetically/visually similar to your trademark under the same/similar class and stating same/similar goods/ services description as that of your trademark

Freedom-to-Operate / Infringement Study

By ascertaining the risk of launching or practicing an invention/ product in any geography, by searching for active patents/ applications that could attract infringement

Patent Opposition/ Invalidation Study

By locating technical literature that can be used for opposition or invalidation of a granted patent or a patent application

Patent Landscapes/State-of-Art/Competitive Technical Intelligence

By scrutinizing various patent documents linked to a particular technical domain or competitor companies to get tangible insights including an overview of important research activities, key commercial players, unexplored technical areas, latest innovations and much more. This study can also be used for gaining technical insights while dealing with Mergers and Acquisitions related to technical companies

Tracking & Alerts

By accessing a systematic and easy-to-navigate dashboard that will provide latest updates and alerts, with respect to patents, trademarks or designs falling under specific categories.

Patent Drafting

By drafting your patent application using their wide experience and legal proficiency

Filing and prosecution

By enabling robust and effective filing & prosecution of Patents, Trademarks, Designs & Copyright till the last leg of Registration

IP Valuation

By finding out the strength and the possible commercial value of a particular IP Right, after an in-depth analysis and scrutiny by our experts on various attributes influencing valuation

IP Commercialization and licensing

By leveraging your IP rights effectively and find prospective buyers or licensees for your IP rights

IPR Litigation Support

By providing Litigation Support in Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights & Designs matters